LED Engin LZ4 LuxiGen™ UV LED Emitters

LED Engin LZ4 LuxiGen™ UV LED Emitters are 365nm high flux density LEDs with an integrated flat glass lens. These LED emitters are available in a surface-mount ceramic package and offer 1.1°C/W low thermal resistance. The LZ4 LED emitters come with 2.2mm x 2.2mm Light Emitting Surface (LES) in a 7mm x 7mm emitter footprint. These LED emitters are ideal for imaging optics with beam angles as narrow as ±3°. The LZ4 LED emitters come in two variants such as the LZ4-04UV0R-0000 UV emitter and LZ4-V4UV0R-0000 UV emitter on 4-channel Cu star MCPCB. Typical applications include curing, printing, PCB exposure, sterilization, medical, currency verification, fluorescence microscopy, inspection of dyes, rodent and animal contamination, and forensics.


  • Surface mount ceramic package UV LED with integrated flat glass lens
  • Come in two variants:
    • LZ4-04UV0R-0000 UV emitter
    • LZ4-V4UV0R-0000 UV emitter
  • LZ4-V4UV0R-0000 emitter is available on 4-channel Cu star MCPCB


  • 365nm high flux density
  • 15.2V forward voltage V(at IF=700mA)
  • 10.8mV/°C temperature coefficient of forward voltage
  • 2.2mm x 2.2mm LES in a 7mm x 7mm emitter footprint
  • 1.1°C/W thermal resistance (junction to case)
  • JEDEC Level 1 for the moisture sensitivity level
  • 110° viewing angle
  • -40°C to 150°C operating temperature range


  • Curing
  • Printing
  • PCB exposure
  • Sterilization
  • Medical
  • Currency verification
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Inspection of dyes, rodent, and animal contamination
  • Forensics
发布日期: 2020-04-16 | 更新日期: 2020-04-29